Hamden Responsible Dog Owners' Group

Carnival Ibiza

Ibiza Tapas and Wine Bar
Tuesday February 9, 2016
1832 Dixwell Ave
(across from Home Depot)
Hamden CT

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submitted by Lenny Young
R-DOG elections were held in January. The new officers are:

President – Candace Klein
Vice President – Dawn Chamberlaine
Secretary – Jerry Dananberg
Treasurer – Ann Levison

Candace Klein is a talented local artist and kindred spirit, Dawn Chamberlaine has been in College Administrations as the Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at Albany Law School for 18 years (currently she is a Pre-K teacher); I couldn’t imagine a better left brain/right brain team at the helm. Secretary Jerry Dannenberg leads the pack in ambition. He is working on bringing R-DOG into the 21st Century by coordinating social networking to make R-DOG as inclusive as possible. Treasurer, Ann Levison was R-DOG’s treasurer once before. Although she sat out for a few years she was in the organization from its infancy and brings a unique historical perspective to the group. It is exciting to see this enthusiasm back on the R-DOG Board!

The new board is wasting no time showing that the R-DOG organization is alive and well. Everyone is invited to come out and talk to the board personally during a Meet & Greet at Cafe Ibiza on Fat Tuesday, February 9th, from 5:00 on (see Carnival Ibiza above).

Also present that night will be Beth Patella from Animal Assisted Therapy Services. www.animalassistedtherapyservices.org Beth and Chris are a dynamic mother & daughter team from Spring Glen (Hamden). Chances are if you haven’t heard of them, you soon will! Their non-profit organization is on the short list of therapy dogs that were called in during the Newtown tragedy and the 2014 stabbing death at Milford High School. However as Recreational Therapists, Chris on the Board at the Children’s Center of Hamden and Beth with a Masters in Education; their passion lies with schoolchildren. As an educator, Beth develops specific proactive alternative learning techniques, based on individual student needs, utilizing Therapy Dogs. Beth also participates in the PAWS Program which allows struggling students to read out loud to Therapy Dogs. Beth will be offering a 10% discount to all park goers for any level of canine training including Therapy Dog Certification. They also offer free volunteer placement for all their Therapy Dog Graduates! Beth will be at the R-DOG table explaining what her organization does. For all those who are interested in getting their dog certified -or- have a personal and/or professional need for a Therapy Dog; Beth will answer any and all questions.

Rounding out the evening will be another Hamden resident - Togi, the owner/operator of Safari Stan’s Pet Center. www.safaristanspetcenter.com Looking to shop local? Togi is more than willing to work with R-DOG members and will be providing gift baskets, prizes and discount coupons. Top prize will be any variety of Natural Choice dog food (26 – 28 pound average) per month for 4 consecutive months. This is over a $250 value! Please come out and say hello, thank our sponsors, meet the new R-DOG Board, and enjoy Carnival Ibiza.
Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!

January 13, 2016 MEETING MINUTES - submitted by Jerry Dananberg

Approval of Minutes:
Vicki Seitz approved the minutes from the last meeting, Candace Klein 2nd, approved.

New permanent officers voted and approved. (see above)

Bylaws found


Compared ways of communicating with other park members.

Facebook vs website vs email. Carol Phelps: brought up topic options how to stay in touch with out I- phone or computer skills.

In the past Rich Triblets from Can O’ Corn Design, maintained the R-DOG webpage. Leo Taylor agreed to head a team of IT people to work the website.

Search out people who can be a webmaster.

Contacted Bill Manke, who started the Facebook page, and is willing to let others in the park become administrator, decision could not be reached.

Solar lights discussed. Dawn Chamberlaine moved to shelf the issue for now.

Ibiza restaurant fundraiser Feb 9th, (see above).

Discussed fundraising merchandise- shirts, hats, or anything else that can bring money into the park.

Checking the bulletin board to clean it, paint it.

Next meeting 3/1, meeting place has not been determined. Everyone agreed to more frequent meetings until the new board has the opportunity to get acclimated to the organization of the park. Expectations of the town and vice versa; expectations from the R-Dog users/board. The goal is to make the Hamden Dog Park a cohesive, harmonious community.

Dawn made motion to close meeting @ 8:33 pm. Candace seconded the motion.

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