Hamden Responsible Dog Owners' Group

Good Times & Great Food with Friends!

Cafe Amici
Tuesday, September 9th
1670 Whitney Ave.
Hamden CT

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Aunt Chilada’s Results

A big thank you to all our participants and supporters-we made $200.00 for the Dog Park just by eating!! Save September 9th for our Restaurant Night at Café Amici’s. CLick the event above for more details.

Tree guards have been placed on the smaller trees to protect them from urine. We are expecting our 4 new larger trees to be planted soon.  We also are expecting a load of gravel. If we need help with spreading the gravel, we will not hesitate to call on our friends!

FYI:  The warning sirens occasionally heard while at the Park are from the nearby New Haven Country Club golf course.  They are warning golfers to leave the course because active weather is approaching the area.  We can benefit and exit the Park also.

The 13 run baseball pool is half over.  It has so far netted the Park over $700.00 in donations.

A big thank you to Leo Taylor for his hard work on the bench- he pooch-proofed it and made it beautiful!

Our best wishes for a speedy recovery to Red Dwyre from the Town who keeps our Park clean and Ann Levison, former Treasurer of RDOG.

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